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Steps to Take When Specifying and Purchasing a Mold

Date: August 27, 2014
Time: 11:00AM PDT | 2:00PM EDT
Duration: 60-minutes

Sponsored by:

About this webinar:

Specifying and purchasing a mold is a team effort; no one person can do it alone. This webinar will discuss what first has to be done before going out and purchasing a mold.

Topics will include:
  • Tooling strategy – using a prototype to launch a product or immediately go into production.
  • How many cavities are necessary – you want to buy neither excess nor insufficient cavitation. You only want to buy the tooling once.
  • Not only do you want to consider what type of mold you’ll build, you also need a partner on your team to help you consider what equipment it will run in and if your chosen vendor has it.
    • Who do you want to mold your part?
    • Who is responsible for ‘shrinkage’?
    • When should you choose a hot runner, cold runner, or sprueless runner using an extended nozzle?
    • Do you have a ‘tooling agreement’ spelling out basic construction, terms of payment, qualifications, terms of payment, authorized and non –authorized changes, definitions of tryouts?
    • Who pays for routine maintenance?
    • The “hold harmless’ agreement – what happens with a product failure.
  • Common (inexpensive) tool construction practices that will slow your mold’s cycle time and how to avoid them.

Bill Tobin

WJT Associates

Heather Caliendo

Content Manager
PlasticsToday, UBM Canon