Achieving Highly Efficient and Rugged Separation in Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Using 2.0-µm Fused-Core Columns

This presentation was recorded on September 09, 2014.


Superficially porous particle technologies (solid-core or core-shell) have gained acceptance in general high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) practice over the past several years due to improved efficiency relative to comparably sized fully porous particles. The solid-core option has also proven to be a superior approach for improving column efficiency as compared to smaller porous particle (sub-2-µm, UHPLC) technologies owing to the lessened backpressure penalties that are paid for the efficiency gains. The application of solid-core particles has exploded in popularity as an alternative to sub-2 µm porous particles because UHPLC performance (>200,000 plates per meter) can be achieved at much lower backpressures.

Recently a new line of 2.0-µm solid-core columns has been introduced that further expands the opportunity to achieve high efficiency separations. Columns with original 2.7-µm solid-core technology remain ideal for research and development of methods on modern, optimized U/HPLC instruments. Columns employing larger 5-µm solid-core technology are well suited for classic HPLC instruments requiring no optimization. Columns packed with the new 2.0-µm particles, geared more toward a growing UHPLC user base, are shown to provide the same high efficiency and lower pressure penalty attributes as compared to similarly sized and sub-2-µm fully porous particles. In particular, this web seminar will discuss:

• A new solid-core product line extension with new 2.0-µm columns optimized for UHPLC instrumentation.

• Increased options for method development on UHPLC and scalability of methods with 2.7- µm and 5.0-µm particles

• Why 2.0 µm? Is it a practical limit?


David S. Bell, Ph.D.
Research and Development Manager

Meg L’Heureux
Managing Editor

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