Moving Beyond the Buzz -- Cloud Edition

Buzzwords are all over government, but buzzwords are just that: buzz. However, when a term becomes integral to how the government operates and how it runs, then it is time to pay attention.

Government is at that crossroads now with the cloud. No longer is cloud technology something that government might do down the road, or a beacon of potential savings, the cloud is here and it is here to stay.

So how can agencies maximize the savings and efficiencies? In a recent online training, Chris Dorobek, host of the DorobekINSIDER LIVE, spoke with Shawn Kingsberry, CIO, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and Steve Ressler, Founder and President, GovLoop to learn how.

Register for the on-demand session to learn:

  • Highlight real world government case studies of how the cloud has impacted operations.

  • Describe the difference between hybrid, public and private cloud models.

  • Share the benefits of a cloud broker and explain exactly what it is.

In government we throw around a lot of buzzwords, but we need to take a step back to truly understand how these cloud tools could change the way government operates.


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