Improve product time to market, product quality & performance while minimizing technical risks through more effective reuse of existing code

Wednesday, July 30th

9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern)

Presenter: Thomas Hall, IBM Rational Technnical Specialist

Do you need to update your product, for example:

  • Add connectivity to an earlier stand alone piece of equipment?
  • You need to improve performance of the product via adoption of multi-core processors?
  • New hardware components in the product making the software timing different?
  • New requirements on your software?
  • Has your existing code become difficult to maintain and upgrade?
  • Do you need to make you existing code more efficient or have it comply with new safety critical or high reliability standards?

As can be seen there are many reasons why we need to revisit how we develop our products. And when we are "forced" to do so, it provides a window of opportunity to improve the way we do things.

Come and see how our solution helps address all the above concerns while creating very little disruption to how you currently work. We propose that the first place to start is with Reverse Engineering your existing source code to establish a baseline project in a manner that makes it easier to understand and analyze, simpler to re-architect, enhance or port to new environments while offering the ability to make it more efficient and/or compliant with safety regulations . We'll walk through this process to show what the steps will look like. Once your project has been reverse engineered, you are ready to begin capitalizing on the great capabilities available to you in our tool Rhapsody.

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