Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB - Best practices for Optimizing Infrastructure Performance and Budget

August 7, 2014: 9am - San Francisco | 5pm - London | 12pm - New York
When harnessed correctly, hardware can generate performance improvements in software of up to 60% in an existing setup, with zero or minimal investment.
In this webcast Alex Bordei will look at how Impala, Elasticsearch and Couchbase perform when scaled vertically and horizontally, over a number of different bare metal setups. He'll discuss testing that produced results that included: going from one hex-core CPU to two deca-core CPUs, from 32 to 192 GB of RAM, from local to distributed storage, and from 2 to 14 instances. 
Tune in to see what setup provided the best performance/price for each application and learn how to get more performance right now, from NoSQL DB.

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