Cloud Business Models and the Evolution of Open Source Licenses

Date: June 16th 2014

Time: 11:30am EDT - What time is this for me?

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Software has become critical to the success of companies in industries far removed from technology from banking to automotive to manufacturing.  Moreover software deployment  is rapidly moving from “on premise” to functions provided by  third party services  without software being distributed  (such as and the move by companies of their own IT infrastructure  to cloud computing . This fundamental change in the manner in which software is used means that companies need to understand how OSS licenses apply in this new world.  

Most open source licenses were developed around traditional software delivery models which provided that licensees received a copy of the software and didn’t anticipate the software making functions available without distribution of the software.  The problem arose through the rise of Application Service Providers, frequently referred to as the “ASP Hole”, but the move to cloud computing has made the “exception” the rule.   More recent OSS licenses have provisions that deal with software provided as a service or through the cloud. With the continuing shift to SAAS and cloud computing, this new class of licenses (including the AGPL) has become more important.

This webinar, presented by Black Duck with Karen Copenhaver, partner at Choate Hall & Stewart and Counsel for the Linux Foundation and Mark Radcliffe, partner at DLA Piper and General Counsel for the Open Source Initiative (OSI), will review the application of OSS licenses, particularly AGPL and other licenses in this new class, to these services.

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