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Web Seminar Overview

Panasonic is an industry leader in new technologies and broad line supplier of RF Modules. In this webcast you will learn about Panasonic’s system solutions to wireless application challenges such as harsh RF environments, improving network reliability, reducing power budgets and more.

Panasonic will present their cutting edge wireless solutions and design shortcuts that reduce time to market product deployment. Subjects presented will include recently introduced wireless products and a product roadmap for 2015; application development resources and application programming.

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Andreas Steiner

Business Development Manager

Bio: Andreas Steiner is a Business Development Manager for Panasonic Wireless Data Communication products within Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America, collaborating with sales and marketing groups and coordination with overseas Panasonic product teams. Andreas received an electrical engineering degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology and is a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Richard Trueman
Custom Components
Product Manager
Bio: Richard Trueman is a Custom Components Product Manager of Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America. Richard received an electrical engineering degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, has been active in optical, satellite and wireless personal area network data communication communities and is a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Don Tuite
Editor, Analog and Power
Electronic Design
Bio: Don Tuite covers Analog and Power issues for Electronic Design’s magazine and website. He has a BSEE and an M.S in Technical Communication, and has worked for companies in aerospace, broadcasting, test equipment, semiconductors, publishing, and media relations, focusing on developing insights that link technology, business, and communications.