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Part 1: Overview of SAP ASE 16 and Future Directions

SAP Adaptive Server® Enterprise version 16 is the next major release and includes key enhancements in extreme scale-up and performance, managing databases sized in the 10's of Terabytes, increased data availability, security and auditing, and ease of management and maintenance. This session will introduce you to all the exciting new capabilities this release brings as well as the technology and business trends which will set the roadmap of SAP ASE for the next 3 years, and some context for new innovations being developed in the areas of extreme OLTP, managing large data sizes, and ease of management.


Ashok Swaminathan
Senior Director of Product Management, SAP

Terry Orsborn
Director of Product Marketing, SAP

Part 2: Achieving Linear Performance Scalability in Large Multi-core Systems with SAP ASE 16

While hardware providers and processor designers continue their breakthrough innovations in delivering larger multi-core & large memory systems, the SAP ASE team has been hard at work to ensure SAP ASE can leverage these large capacity systems efficiently. This session will explore the breakthrough innovations we are delivering in SAP ASE 16 by improving run-time logging as well as lock, metadata, and latch management.


Stefan Karlsson
Technical Evangelist, SAP

Part 3: Extreme Transaction Processing: Ensuring Competitiveness & Agility in a World of Constant Motion

IDC analyst, Carl Olofson, discusses the evolving technologies that enable extreme transaction processing in a context that leverages all relevant enterprise data. He looks at enabling technologies such as database, data movement, and in-memory computing that bring data together in real time to support extreme transaction processing at the point of action.


Dan Lahl
Vice President of Product Marketing, SAP

Carl Olofson
Research Vice President, IDC

On-Demand Webinar Series: Introducing SAP ASE 16

SAP ASE 16 enables companies to power a new class of extreme transactional applications by providing scalability and speed to support higher throughput and lower latency, with growing data and users in the cloud and on premise; security to deliver extreme transactional performance securely, while providing data privacy; and, simplicity of database operations to maximize operational efficiency and lower costs.

Watch our five-part webinar series to learn more about the new features and continued innovation in the SAP ASE 16 release.

Part 4: Simplifying Development and Management in SAP ASE 16

Today’s developers and DBA’s are working on more and more systems as IT staffing budgets have been cut over the recent financial austere times. As a result, they simply don’t have the time nor resources to spend on manually intensive simple tasks. This webcast will take a first look at several new features in SAP ASE 16 that simplify development and management. Features highlighted include:

  • Create or replace command for database objects
  • Multiple trigger support
  • Relaxed query limits
  • Calculating the log growth rate
  • Index compression, lazy decompression and Compression Advisor
  • SCC 3.3 features (backup scheduling, config alerts)

Jeff Tallman
Solution Advisor Expert, SAP

Part 5: Security and Auditing in SAP ASE 16

Achieve speed, scalability, security, and simplicity with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16

SAP cordially invites you to attend the fifth and final session in our “Introducing SAP ASE 16 Webinar Series” on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PST.

This series is devoted to demonstrating the new features and capabilities in SAP ASE 16, which delivers unprecedented levels of speed, scalability, security, and simplicity to enterprises in order to meet the challenges of extreme transactional workloads.

With significant focus on data security, more database administrators and IT Managers are being asked to implement robust security and comprehensive auditing to track access to data.

Our June 24th session will explore the new and improved capabilities provided in SAP ASE 16 to help database administrators and security folks to ensure they can attest to the integrity and privacy of their data.

Join us to find out how the key functionality provided in SAP ASE 16 enhances security with:

  • Full database encryption
  • Residual data removal
  • Full text DML auditing

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how SAP ASE 16 can help you ensure data integrity and privacy. We look forward to seeing you online!


Vinod Chandran
Product Expert, SAP ASE Product Management