Constructing geologic scenarios using IHS GeoSyn & IHS Kingdom

When faced with an anomaly within seismic data, a geoscientist must investigate all possibilities on how this irregularity formed in order to determine its drilling potential. IHS GeoSyn 1D & 2D allow you to build “what if” scenarios of anomalies and to better characterize the rock properties of your reservoirs. These models can be overlain with your seismic data in both GeoSyn and Kingdom. Additional reservoir attributes can be calculated and managed using the petrophysical analysis tools in EarthPAK.

In this webinar, you will learn how IHS Geoscience solutions enable you to:

  • Construct TD charts and synthetics using GeoSyn 1D
  • Model geologic uncertainties and answer multiple “what if” scenarios using GeoSyn 2D
  • Calculate, grid and map key reservoir attributes using the petrophysical analysis tools in Kingdom EarthPAK

Presented by: Jim Bock, IHS Kingdom Technical Advisor

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