The Fundamentals of Magnetically Driven Pumps: How to make sealless technologies work for you
Event Date: 02/18/2014 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Pump industry experts from one of ITT Corporation’s flagship brands, Goulds Pumps, will explain how using magnetically driven (mag-drive) pumps can yield significant advantages for plant owners. Learn how mag-drive or sealless pumps are proven to be advantageous over traditional sealed models when used in the proper environment. The absence of mechanical seals prevents leakage and emissions in hazardous services—increasing mean time between failure and decreasing overall life-cycle costs, providing a more dependable long-term solution.

Understanding sealless technologies is imperative when selecting pumps for specific applications. The newest generation of sealless technologies offers a more intuitive design and requires less time spent on installation, maintenance and inventory.

Webcast attendees will learn how magnetically driven pumps can be used to improve plant efficiencies and create a more predictable pumping environment when hazardous services are present. During this informative session, product and application specialists from ITT Goulds Pumps will review the basics of mag-drive pumps and the advantages of utilizing sealless technology.They will also discuss the design aspects of lined and metal sealless pumps and how to choose the best mag-drive product based on your needs.

Attendees will learn:
  • The fundamentals of mag-drive technology
  • How sealless pumps can help reduce environmental concerns
  • When to consider using a mag-drive pump
  • When to apply lined versus metal sealless designs: an overview of each technology’s unique differences
  • How to avoid common failure modes associated with mag-drive pumps (includes operational practices and monitoring methods)

This webcast will empower attendees with a comprehensive understanding of magnetic drive technologies and how they can be utilized to improve reliability and reduce total cost of ownership.
Featured Speakers:
Richard Tym, Global Product Manager, ITT Goulds Pumps
Bryan Simpson, Product Specialist, ITT Goulds Pumps
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