What we learned about the future of TV at CES 2014

This webcast, which is live on Friday 17th January at 2pm GMT/3pm CMT, is to provide listeners with instant feedback from CES 2014 from a panel of expert speakers. After roaming the Las Vegas halls and analysing the show announcements, they will aim to address the following questions during the one hour discussion: 

Is Smart TV running out of steam or was there evidence of a bright future for CE content portals?
What role is there for television manufacturers in the smart and connected home?
Is UltraHD another 3DTV, being pushed to consumers too soon? Does it belong in this decade or next?
What was there at CES that a Pay TV operator can take home and use to change their local market?
As far as the television ecosystem is concerned, is the Connected Car just an extension of multiscreen TV?
What was the biggest TV related trend that you spotted at CES?
What else did you see at the show that was noteworthy for TV spotters?

We encourage listeners to log in live as we will be inviting audience questions. If you did not attend CES or would like to make sense of all the news and announcements, this is the perfect way to quickly get up to speed from some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

David Mercer, VP, Principal Analyst, Digital Consumer Practice, Strategy Analytics
Jon Watts, Director and Co-founder, MTM
Jeff Binder, General Partner, Genovation Capital, LLC

Moderator: John Moulding, Editor, Videonet



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