Take up BIM now, or regret tomorrow

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Building magazine in association with Zurich present Take up BIM now, or regret tomorrow, a free to attend live audio webinar.

With Building Information Modelling (BIM) set to be used in all centrally procured UK government contracts by 2016, an increasing number of larger private sector clients aren’t even waiting that long to use the technology.

In this webinar we will highlight why BIM is being taken up by many construction firms on a lot of their projects – especially the larger firms – and why firms need to be adopting BIM now if they haven’t already. We will also showcase the benefits of BIM, including potentially lower insurance premiums and continuation of use into buildings’ life cycles.

The webinar will cover:

  • How BIM is set to transform the construction team with cradle to grave design process, using 3D modelling.
  • How BIM is set to revolutionise how many construction firms operate.
  • Why construction firms should be thinking about future proofing their businesses now.
  • Why the move to BIM may seem daunting, especially for smaller firms.
  • Help and support out there to make the BIM transition – such as BIM4SMEs group.




Speaker name

Speaker name

Speaker name

Speaker name

Sarah Richardson

Chris Mitchell

Andrew Marsh
DAC Beachcroft

Andy Penny
Underwriting Manager,

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