WEBINAR: The Truth about the Big Data Evolution
Featuring Big data expert Mark Madsen, an award-winning author, architect, and CTO

Event Date: Monday, December 16th, 2:00pm London (GMT) - 3:00pm Berlin, Paris - 5:00pm Ankara, 9:00am EST
Big Data. The term everyone’s heard a million times, but the subject business and IT professionals still have questions about:

What does it mean for the business? What does it mean for technology and architecture?

What’s generally new about big data? What can I do now that I haven’t been able to do before?

What are some of the lessons learned? How exactly are new technologies expanding into enterprise analytics?

Can you answer these critical questions?

On December 16, Mark Madsen will provide answers to some of big data's key questions. He will describe the evolution of architecture and discuss the business case for investing time and resources to capitalize on the big data revolution. Join Mark Madsen and Teradata on December 16 and start taking advantage of ALL your data.
Mark Madsen

Mark Madsen is president of Third Nature, a technology research and consulting firm focused on business intelligence, data integration, and data management. Mark is an award-winning author, architect, and CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications.

Over the past ten years, Mark received awards for his work from the American Productivity & Quality Center, TDWI, and the Smithsonian Institute. He is an international speaker, a contributor to Forbes Online, and on the O’Reilly Strata program committee.
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