Index Inside Active: How to Make Friends with Foes

S&P BSE Indices cordially invites you to a complimentary live webinar for investment professionals

India-focused Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) attracted $240 million in investments in September this year, the biggest monthly inflow in nine months, and posted the best return in one year. Today, more and more portfolio managers are breaking the old asset allocation mold by moving away from static target allocations (e.g. the 60% equities/40% bond split) and leveraging index-based instruments, notably ETFs, as building blocks for dynamic allocations. How can this change in asset allocation thinking guide you?

Join this informative webinar and learn about strategic, tactical and alternative asset allocation strategies using index-linked instruments.

  •  Innovative and unique ways professional managers can use index 

           instruments to execute on active asset allocation strategies

  •  Why some asset managers believe asset allocation can be more

           efficient with index-linked vehicles when compared to simple

            securities selection

  •  Best indexing practices across asset classes and geographies

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