The new ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system: an expedited journey to accurate and reliable results

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Speaker photo Speaker:
Richard Ferraro
Business Leader,
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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Webcast Abstract

This webinar will help you to stay current with the latest developments in the rocking bioreactor technology area. You will be shown data from investigations of how intelligent measurement and control features can easily be operated to save time and to achieve a reliable and predictable process outcome.

Single-use rocking bioreactor systems were introduced to the market in 1996 and are today common in small- to pilot-scale bioprocesses, with a sweet-spot in manufacturing seed-train applications. The new ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 combines highly advanced technology with the inherent ease of use that comes with the rocking technology as such. Examples of novel features include tailored feed-back loops with automatic selection of control parameters as well as software with method editor functionality, user-friendly interface, and convenient data evaluation modules.

In this webinar, data will be shown from model experiments using the new bioreactor system in a high-yielding fed-batch culture of MAb-producing CHO cells as well as in cultures of insect cells. Different approaches will be compared and data shown from strategies to increase productivity, save time, and improve result reliability.