Change the Game and Innovate Faster Than Ever Before

It’s a common theme in IT organizations: Do more with less.  As fast as possible.  The market is moving faster than ever before, and incremental improvements are no longer sufficient to keep pace with the competition.

With technology innovations running at an all-time high, there are no shortage of opportunities today.  But how can you apply these to your IT challenges in a way that will impact the business?

Join us as we explore the challenges and discuss the conditions of the market that are driving CIO’s to make massive “game changing” moves for their business, leveraging the latest technologies, such as in-memory, cloud and mobile.  You will get insights from Mike Bell, former CIO of the European retail giant, Kingfisher with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry.  Hear how he changed the game by taking an innovative “design thinking” approach to assess and solve Kingfisher’s greatest challenges and how they leveraged SAP HANA as a platform to transform their IT landscape and instituted a “Creating the Leader” strategy.

You will also hear from Greg Tomb, Head of SAP Services Sales on how SAP is helping companies change the game and innovate faster than ever before with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.  Learn how you can leverage this new offering to speed innovation, simplify IT, lower upfront costs and deliver immediate value to the business.

Join us Tuesday, October 29th at 11:00am EST for this can't-miss event.


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