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A New, Exclusive HPAC Engineering Webinar:
Energy, Sustainability and Life-Cycle Considerations for Specifying Pipe and Duct Insulation: The Benefits of Elastomeric

Closed-cell elastomeric foam is the insulation of choice for a multitude of duct and piping applications – but what is closed-cell elastomeric foam and what makes it sustainable? In this webinar, you will learn all about the unique properties of this material and how they impact the efficiency and longevity of the mechanical systems you design, including:

  • Why closed cell elastomeric foam provides more consistent thermal values for the life of a system than other insulating materials
  • Acoustic capabilities of elastomeric foam and how they compare with other common insulating materials
  • How closed-cell elastomeric foam protects against condensation and associated negative impacts of moisture intrusion in a mechanical system
  • The beneficial lifecycle properties of closed cell elastomeric foam
  • The role that closed cell elastomeric foam plays in maintaining better indoor environmental quality
  • How elastomeric foam helps building owners meet current building standards as well as contribute points toward LEED®
  • Specification tips to assure that the insulating system is applied for optimum, long-lasting performance
  • Other applications, including fast emerging technologies, where closed cell elastomeric foam can be an asset to a thermally efficient, moisture proof, and lasting system.

Certificates of attendance will be provided to those who view the entire Webinar live.

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