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Some of the biggest mega trends we see in business today involve globalization, mobilization of consumers and the workforce, social media’s effects on consumers and the work place, the virtualization of applications becoming available in the cloud and big data. At the epicenter of these mega trends is information and therefore business analytics. This roadmap session will cover the strategic and technical priorities being worked on by SAP BusinessObjects to evolve the SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions to meet these trends with BI that is simple to use, mobile, collaborative and optimized for extreme analytics like big data, real-time and predictive. Understand why SAP BusinessObjects believes these capabilities are important. Learn how SAP BusinessObjects intends to deliver them. And finally, learn how SAP's customers and partners will benefit from these innovations.


Ty Miller
Vice President, Business Intelligence, SAP Analytics Solution Management

Ty Miller is Vice President of Business Intelligence for SAP Analytics Solution Management. In previous roles Ty has been responsible for In-Memory analytics solutions including HANA and the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version. Ty has been a Consulting Architect, OEM Pre-Sales Principal Architect and Solution Management Director advising on and implementing SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions for both customers and partners. Prior to his career at SAP Ty spent five years in the French Foreign Legion's 2nd Parachute Regiment. Ty holds an MBA in International Business and an MA in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

Leading organizations leveraging the latest business intelligence (BI) innovations see better business performance. In fact, in a recent study Forrester Consulting found that companies growing by 15% or more make greater use of innovative BI technologies and delivery models.

If you want to join the ranks of front-runners, find out what the latest advances in business intelligence software could do for your organization. Join us Wednesday, November 6th at 2PM EST for the webcast: Top 5 BI Optimization and Strategy Considerations

You will hear why it is mission critical to have the right answers to:
  • Is your BI strategy up to date? Does it include social data, mobile, and self-service BI?
  • Have you upgraded your analytic skills to take advantage of new analytics and data types, including Big Data?
  • Are you able to access, transform, visualize, and share data in a repeatable way?
  • How do you ensure that your company is maximizing its BI potential and tapping into the most mission critical innovations?
  • How do you drive user adoption and a decision driven culture?

Don’t miss this webcast event. Register now for the webcast: Top 5 BI Optimization and Strategy Considerations.


Colin Dover
Senior Director, Platform and Analytics, Center of Excellence - SAP

Deepa Sankar
Director, BI Product Marketing SAP

Deepa Sankar, Director, BI Product Marketing SAP, has over 15 years of experience in the technology sector. She has held various roles in IT, product management, and marketing with a focus on analytics and BI strategy. She is a frequent speaker on topics related to how organizations can take their BI programs to the highest level of competency and create an information driven culture across the organization. Currently, she is a key member of Business Intelligence Product Marketing at SAP.

To succeed today, leading companies are doing business "in the moment," seizing opportunities by making informed decisions on the fly. Everyone wants to go mobile with BI for faster more secure more efficient analysis, processing and decisions, but very few companies know how. There is a “marriage” of art and science with the implementation and realization of measurable success from an Enterprise Mobile BI strategy.

Join SAP, experts and your peers for the webcast: The Art & Science Of Mobile BI Success: 5 Critical Factors

You will learn how to move forward or enhance your organization’s Mobile BI strategy by learning and reviewing the best practices for blending strategy with practical application with measurable results.

You’ll discover:
  • How companies are increasingly enabling mobility to seize more opportunities by making more informed decisions on the fly
  • What you need to do to overcome limited technology and reap the benefits of adopting mobile BI solutions
  • How to identify the gaps between mobile expectations and expertise and overcome them
  • Why you should mobile-enable specific processes, including reporting, KPI monitoring, analysis, and data mining


Mimi Spier
Mimi Spier, Sr. Director Cross Portfolio | Mobile, Big Data | SAP (twitter: @Mimi_Spier)

Patrick Sims
Global Center of Excellence for Analytics at SAP

Patrick Sims has over 20 years of history in the data warehousing and business analytics fields. His experience ranges from custom solution development to managing deployment of Enterprise BI solutions to sales and marketing roles within the packaged Enterprise Analytics business. Mr. Sims is currently a part of the Global Center of Excellence for Analytics at SAP where he provides strategy, guidance, and enablement activities internal to SAP while also working with customers on best practices in driving their own BI Strategy and generally acting as an evangelist for the SAP Analytics story.

Have you heard the phrase “data is the new oil?” As data volumes grow, big data analysis has been a trending market topic and analytics continues to be a top priority for organizations around the globe. Today, there is a revolution taking place around how to visualize big data to tackle new big data challenges. Join this webcast to learn how data storytelling can make a difference in your organization. Discover how SAP Lumira can help you access, transform, visualize, and share data in a repeatable way. This webcast will also provide information on how you can get a free 1GB SAP Lumira Cloud account and download a free copy of SAP Lumira to get started today.


Aaron Graber
Sr. Director - Global Center of Excellence for Analytics

Aaron Graber is a Senior Director for the SAP Global Center of Excellence team in Analytics. Aaron is responsible for Sales GTM, Enablement, and Demand Generation activities around Self-Service, Cloud, and Mobile Analytics.

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