Cold Call Preparations. Get IT Right.

Cold Call Preparations.  Get IT Right.
Date:  August 22
Time:  10am PST/1:00pm EST
IT decision makers are bombarded daily with new solutions available in the marketplace.   You’re not the only one who wants a piece of their IT budget. If you’re like most IT Sales Reps you spend 1/3 of your day researching the right contacts and 1/3 of their day trying to reach them only to have your efforts fall flat once your contact picks up the phone?  Join DiscoverOrg and Vorsight to learn tips used by the top IT Sales reps and see immediate results in your conversion rates.

During this live webinar we will cover the 5 key elements in preparing for your most successful cold call.
Steve Richard, an awarding-winning sales expert from Vorsight, will cover how and why it is important to Get IT Right:
  • Right Account
  • Right Contact
  • Right Message
  • Right Offer
  • Right Measurement
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