Weld Fume Management
Event Date: 08/21/2013 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

Over half-a-million workers in the U.S. are involved in welding-related processes. Filler metals, base materials, coatings and/or gases utilized in the welding process can emit various types of fumes that have the potential to be hazardous, depending on the fumes' composition and concentration. Companies must be aware of Permissible Exposure Limits set by OSHA for various types of particulate and/or gases found in weld fumes to effectively manage worker exposure.

If your company is faced with elevated weld fume levels, what can be done to become OSHA compliant? OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls should be considered when selecting a fume solution. It is important to choose a control measure that will offer employees adequate protection without negatively impacting productivity. Thanks to recent innovations, there are a variety of welding-specific fume management solutions available.

Weld fume management is an ongoing process that should be continuously evaluated. Any time there is a regulation or workplace change (personnel, material, production process, equipment, work practice or control method), companies must validate their compliance.

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