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Big data is shaking up the foundations of business—forcing business leaders to rethink the way they make decisions. Learn IT strategies and best practices that can open the door to discoveries that will transform your business.

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Big data generates big buzz but doesn't always generate big business value. Some organizations have profited from it, and this is your chance to learn from their experience.
 In this webcast you'll hear about the kind of problems that people are solving today with big data, the kind of results they're getting and best practices that will help you accelerate the time to value from your big data project.

Luc Verbist
CIO of de Persgroep

Merv Adrian
Research Vice President at Gartner

The Internet of Things promises a deluge of new device driven data. But what matters most is how you can take that data and quickly turn it into business insights for the enterprise. Join Hitachi Consulting, Oracle and SQLstream as we cover the vision, use cases, success stories and best practices so you can set a plan to maximize value from the Internet of Things.

Ronnie Beggs
VP, Marketing, SQLstream

Harish Gaur
Director of Product Management, Oracle

Kevin Parker
Vice President, Hitachi Consulting

High-volume, high-speed front-line decisions must increasingly be made in real-time with big data and analytics that are actionable and operational. Come to this webcast to hear James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, discuss his latest research on why real-time responses must detect, analyze and act with greater automation.

James Taylor
CEO and a Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions and Author

Pete Schutt
Senior Director in Product Marketing, Business Analytics, Oracle

NoSQL databases are becoming part of the enterprise developer's big data toolkit. Join Andy Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President - Oracle Database Server Technologies, and Paul Sonderegger, Big Data Strategist - Oracle, to learn about the role of NoSQL in the enterprise, how it complements the relational database, and why you should be looking at Oracle NoSQL Database for your next project.

Andrew Mendelsohn
Executive Vice President , Oracle Database Server Technologies, Oracle

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle

Big Data is a massive opportunity for companies to create new products, services and ways of working. But most large organizations hear the hype and worry they'll have to reinvent the analytical wheel. Fortunately, there's a better way. To make big data useful in the enterprise, companies must complement existing relational analytical technologies with new non-relational ones, and make these two worlds work together. Come to this webcast to hear Dan Vesset, Vice President at IDC discuss the latest research on this new approach to big data in the enterprise and how to make it work for you.

Dan Vesset
Program Vice President, IDC

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle

With 340,000 active parts in service across millions of vehicles worldwide, Delphi faced a challenge in responding to claims within 30 days or suffer a financial penalty. In addition to the high volumes of big data, variety was a problem: each and every claim needed unique analysis, and the transformation of a new source of data. Join us to hear how Delphi got ahead of performance.

Gregory Sumpter
Data Systems Strategist,
Delphi Automotive Systems

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle

The big data question for most organizations is how to bring it into the enterprise and make it useful. The answer lies in combining the power of the data warehouse with the flexibility of Hadoop.

Please join us for this informative webcast, in association with Intel®, to:
  • Learn what big data can do for your organization
  • Hear how Oracle and Cloudera are working together to deliver an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use big data platform
  • Discover how to integrate Hadoop and your data warehouse so each complements and extends the value of the other

Dr. Amr Awadallah
Co-Founder and CTO, Cloudera

George Lumpkin
Vice President of Product Management for Data Warehousing and Big Data, Oracle

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle

Simple online transactions are now being analyzed and leveraged to create personalized customer experiences. In fact, today’s online customers demand personalization. However, slow response times can be lethal to your business, and you don’t want to find your web applications lagging behind customer expectations.

Join us for this webcast in association with Intel® for the chance to:
  • Find out what you need to take a dynamic approach to big data management
  • Learn how NoSQL technology facilitates a fast, scalable approach to personalization
  • Hear from Passoker on how they built their online gaming platform, using Oracle NoSQL Database

Dave Segleau
Director Product Management, Oracle

James Anthony
CTO, Passoker

Oracle recently commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to investigate how successful companies use big data to transform customer experience, generate growth, and create competitive advantage.

Join us for an Oracle webcast in association with Intel® to hear about the research and learn how top-performing organizations, including Dell Inc.’s Global Demand and CRM Center, are harnessing big data to understand their customers and their business.

You’ll find out how Dell leaders are:
  • Focusing on data-driven approaches to meet business objectives
  • Fostering a culture of analytics through leadership and collaboration
  • Innovating customer interactions, marketing, and sales through automation

Cynthia Gumbert
Global Director of CRM, Dell Inc.

Riva Richmond
Editor, Management Thinking, Economist Intelligence Unit

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle

Join MIT Principal Research Scientist Andrew McAfee and Oracle Big Data Strategist Paul Sonderegger, as they discuss how big data is making its mark on business—one data-driven decision at a time.

Learn about:
  • The challenges and opportunities associated with big data
  • The latest best practices for getting the most value from big data
  • Business use cases from companies that are already harnessing the power of big data

Andrew McAfee
Principal Research Scientist, Center of Digital Business,
MIT Sloan School of Management

Paul Sonderegger
Big Data Strategist, Oracle
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