Join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday, June 27 to find out how the University of Oklahoma is leveraging 24/7 business automation tools to deliver superior student services faster and cheaper — and the totally unexpected quality of education delivery and morale benefits they experienced as a result.

Transitioning from paper to digital has revolutionized processes at the University of Oklahoma. It's had a profound impact on the quality of student services, including annually reducing paper costs by 30% and cutting admissions time from 8-10 weeks to 2 weeks.

At this webinar you'll hear the frank, revealing and amusing tale of this transformation – NOT from technologists – but from an educator and an administrator.

Dr. Rhonda Kyncl currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Academic Services in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. After a flood scare that sent shivers down her back, she spearheaded the university’s transition to digital. Crystal Ary is the project manager of Admissions. Neither had experience in document management, but both were up for the challenge —and their story is one you mustn't miss.

With engaging and insightful candour, Dr. Kyncl and Ms. Ary will map their journey from paper to integrated mobile data systems and the profound impact it has had on their college of some 7,000 students covering 50 majors and 28 departments.

This webinar is sponsored by Laserfiche and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. All content presented during the event is provided by Dr. Kyncl and Ms. Ary.

Dr. Rhonda Kyncl, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Rhonda Dean-Kyncl received both her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in Composition, Rhetoric, & Literacy. She currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Academic Services in the College of Arts & Sciences, where she oversees and coordinates academic advising for the university’s largest and oldest college.
Crystal Ary, Project Manager of Admissions, University of Oklahoma
For 9 years, Crystal Ary has been an Admissions business administrator with the University of Oklahoma, where she supervises projects that impact how the department handles documents critical to the admissions process. In this role, she was instrumental in the department’s Banner rollout, has served as project manager for the University’s Laserfiche enterprise content management deployment and will supervise the Common Application implementation.

Mark Walston
Mark Walston is a veteran communications professional with a 20-year history researching and reporting on higher education, with a focus on information technology. Former president and CEO of Concept Foundry, he has created award-winning integrated communications campaigns for universities and colleges across America -- and for Industry leading IT corporations that serve higher education. Mark has moderated numerous webinars for The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, collaborating with a broad range of clients including Blackboard, University of Phoenix, SunGard, Walden University, Apple, and SmartThinking, among others. Mark recently interviewed college and university CIOs and other senior officers for a series of best practice case studies on database management and enterprise software. He also authored an Information Technology Forum advertorial series published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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