Solving One of Chromatography’s Biggest Dilemma — Proper Sealing of Chromatography Autosampler Vials — Using the Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS)

Event Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 8:00 am PDT; 11:00 am EDT; 16:00 BST ; 17:00 CEDT

“Just one more turn” – that has been the chromatographers’ answer to the age old question of “How tight should I seal my autosampler chromatography vial closure?” Unfortunately, for a lot of chromatographers, this answer has resulted in a myriad of chromatographic problems. Truth be told, “just one more turn” is more than likely the absolute worst thing that one can do to seal an autosampler vial.
For all current chromatographic screw thread autosampler vial products, the limit of tightening is reached when the septum can no longer be compressed between the vial rim and the top of the cap. Elastomeric seals are most effective when they are tightened to a point of 50-80% compression. Less than 50% compression risks not completely sealing the vial. Greater than 80% compression can cause septum extrusion and does not allow for the elasticity of the seal required for most effective performance. It is rarely the case that a closure will be tightened to the point where compression is less than 50%. Failures caused by over-compression of the septum are much more frequent. How tight is tight enough is very subjective and different for each operator. There are no tools to measure torque for a small closure such as the 9-mm cap.
Utilizing an innovative design process, such as the Advance Vial Closure System (AVCS) allows bench chemists and sample prep technicians to remove the subjectiveness out of achieving the optimal compression when sealing a vial. The benefit of using a vial and closure designed as a complete system, allows the closure, septum, and vial to work together to prevent compression from exceeding the optimal range. This web seminar will review the impact an innovative vial & closure design, like AVCS, can have on improving data quality by providing data that supports how an AVCS-designed vial & closure eliminates under and over compression of vial seals while improving robotic autosampler pick-up of vials, ensuring more centered vial closure positioning and greater optical recognition of vials placed in autosamplers.

Feature 3: Closure Centering
The mating surfaces of the Supervial and new closure assures that the opening of every cap will be centered on the opening of the vial. This allows for a larger center opening to further decrease the possibility that the needle will miss the vial opening.

Feature 4: Smooth Handling Surface Beneath the Closure Rim
The bottom surface of the glass flange serves as a smooth handling area for those autosamplers that lift the vial from beneath the cap rather than the sometimes rough edges of the closure. The position of the flange is always the same regardless of the extent to which the closure is tightened . This removes the variability in vial handling when the rim of the cap would normally be used to lift the vial.


Laura Bush

Editorial Director
Spectroscopy Magazine


Dave Edwards

Sample Handling Product Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Detlev Lennartz
Product Manager - Vials and Closures
Chromatography Consumables and Specialty Products
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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