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Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) as the Key to Great Service

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Time: 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Presented By:


Wouldn’t every contact center like to see a 30-50% increase in FCR? Or 50% more cases deflected from agent interaction? Or perhaps a 20-35% improvement in employee retention? All while making strides in customer satisfaction? Absolutely! Contact centers would love to see all of these, and then some!

Contact centers are always under pressure to provide great customer service while simultaneously being asked to reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain employee morale. Sometimes these levers can be a challenge to balance. While not every contact center has state-of-the-art tools and technology, or every personnel position and resource at their disposal, there is one thing that every center has. They all have Knowledge! And Knowledge should be considered the contact center’s most valuable asset.

Join ICMI community expert Paul Jay, as he introduces the keys to a successful Knowledge initiative. Paul is an experienced practitioner in Knowledge and Service Management, and is the author and presenter of an educational 6-part online video series. He will walk through important concepts from the first video, Knowledge Centered Support (KCS): Knowledge Management Framework, including tips to keep agents engaged and committed to continual knowledgebase improvements and updates. You will hear real-life best practices from Paul’s videos, and he will also demonstrate why the entire organization, the team, and the agent scorecards should all include Knowledge metrics.

So what are the keys to KCS? In this session we will demonstrate the 4 KCS Keys that any contact center can employ for successful Knowledge Centered Support, regardless of their resources and technology:

1. View knowledge content creation as a by-product of solving issues
2. Evolve content based on demand and usage
3. Develop Knowledgebase from the collective experience to date
4. Reward learning, collaboration, sharing and improvement

So how exactly does Technology fit into KCS? Paul will be joined by Monique Cadena from Avaya, as they describe how Oracle Knowledge has helped them experience dramatic improvements in their ability to provide efficient and effective support to customers through both their multimedia support site and assisted-service channels. Within just six months, Avaya increased knowledgebase usage by 25%, engineers published 14,473 new articles, and 36,401 cases were resolved quickly and easily using the knowledgebase. Support team members at Avaya can now search the knowledgebase 82% faster than with the legacy system to resolve cases and locate answers to customer inquiries.

With Oracle Knowledge for Contact Center, all the information needed to resolve customer inquiries is just a click away. This application delivers an integrated desktop for customer relationship management (CRM) and agent intelligence that streamlines the process of answering customer questions. Rather than providing tools that increase agent research time, it combines a unique ability to discover the true intent of each inquiry with real-time contextual data from enterprise systems to quickly pinpoint the most-relevant answers.

As Paul points out in his video, "We gain Knowledge through interaction and experience. We never stop learning; we are constantly gaining new perspectives, and enhancing what we know. KCS captures this!” Knowledge is truly the key to great service.


Paul Jay,
Founder & Director, Best Practice Establishment

Paul Jay is the Director of Best Practices Establishment, a company focused on creating best practice processes within service management organizations. He achieves this by ensuring internal capabilities are developed to drive efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the company. The ultimate goal is always to achieve successful customer outcomes!

Paul has over 14 years in the IT industry in operational management, training and project management roles. He has consulted with numerous organizations in the private and public sector, and is a regular speaker at IT and Knowledge Management Forums. Paul is currently working on delivering the first online KCS Training Course, which is planned to be released in Q4 2013.

Ashish Joshi,
Sr. Director, Product Management, Oracle

Ashish Joshi is Sr. Director, Product Management for Oracle’s Knowledge Management products. He has 15 years experience in customer service industry, including managing contact center and service products, developing contact center and knowledge solutions, deploying solutions, and providing technical services and support to customers. Ashish holds two patents relating to service request searching and routing. His education includes a BS and MS in Engineering.

Monique Cadena,
Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Manager, Avaya

Monique Cadena has worked for Avaya for over 13 years in various roles, with the last 7 years as part of Avaya’s Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) team. She has a comprehensive background and wealth of expertise within a broad range of KCS roles. She has held positions such as KM Publisher, KM Analyst, KM Technical Manager, Knowledge Base Administrator, Forums Administrator, and KM Process Lead. She currently holds the role of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Manager and technical lead for Avaya’s KCS Team.