Beyond Advertising: How Content Marketing Can Attract and Retain Prospects

Thursday, March 21 - 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST
There’s a lot of marketing noise out there. So much so, today’s prospects filter out what they perceive as irrelevant, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to reach them. Done right, content marketing cuts through the noise, giving its prospects information that is more useful than promotional and allowing a brand to emerge from behind its products to become a trusted agent of ideas.
Moderated by Christopher Hosford, BtoB’s East Coast Bureau Chief, this webinar will take a look at the state of b2b content marketing and provide ideas and strategies that will help you build or strengthen your own content marketing campaign. We’ll also hear from Tom Stein, president and CEO of Stein + Partners Brand Activation and Jeff Perkins, VP-global online marketing, Premiere Global Services who will share their own insights and best practices.
Good content must be rendered as vital information, an educational tool in the decision-making process. In short, marketers must begin to think like publishers; they must give their prospects the information they need, not the information they think they need. This webinar will help you do just that.
Tom Stein
President and CEO
Stein + Partners Brand Activation
Jeff Perkins
VP-global online marketing
Premiere Global Services
Christopher Hosford
East Coast Bureau Chief

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