Natural Sweetener Strategies – Formulating with Honey

Thursday, June 6  |  2:00 EDT
Hosted by Baking & Snack; sponsored by the National Honey Board

Bakery food formulators are tasked with developing products responsible for more than just tasting good. Bakery foods must also be marketable to consumers who spend just as much time reading the ingredient listing as they do the front of the label.
In recent years, the sweeteners bakeries use have been placed under intense scrutiny by consumer watchdog groups, media outlets and even government officials. Bakers must consider closely the types of sweeteners they use to ensure they deliver an exceptional flavor profile, are natural and “trusted” by consumers concerned with the ingredients they eat. Honey fits the bill, and its use in the baking industry has never been more popular.
This webinar will address baking industry sweetener trends, analyze product case studies of bakeries using natural sweeteners, and inform bakers how to incorporate honey into their products to drive flavor and consumer acceptance.

Webinar Agenda
Laurie Gorton – Baking & Snack
Keith Seiz – National Honey Board
David Ropa – National Honey Board Technical Consultant

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