Working When the Heat is On: Heat Stress Overview & Solutions
Event Date: 04/04/2013 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

Longer hours and increasing climate levels are transforming work-zones into dangerous heat zones. OSHA recently reported approximately 4,200 reported cases of injury and 53 reported deaths caused by extreme heat in 2011. These numbers are shocking, period. They are even more unacceptable when the cause involved is 100% preventable. Ignoring early warning signs can quickly lead to heat related illness (HRI) extremes, including heat stroke and even death. Planning and preparedness are no longer luxuries, but necessities when it comes to HRI prevention. Bottom line: Heat Stress is a growing problem for workers and it's time to address this issue head on. Join this heat stress webinar to learn about heat stress causes, symptoms and costs; all the latest in OSHA regulations; and critical PPE solutions.
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