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Web Seminar Overview:

To applications, data is everything and it drives what a DBA does. Bad data produces bad results for what an application is designed for. But bad data does not just live in databases; it permeates all of IT. How can a DBA make a decision about something when he or she has multiple sources of what may or may not be the truth? In the first part of this webcast, Allan Hirt will discuss how quality information matters outside of the application and how to approach keeping it clean in your day-to-day capacity as an administrator or architect.

In the second part of the webcast, Joseph Vertido, Data Quality Analyst at Melissa Data, will delve into Data Quality Services (DQS), Microsoft’s innovative solution for Data Quality and Data Cleansing from a Knowledge Driven Standpoint. Joseph will discuss the key concepts behind Knowledge Driven Data Quality, how to implement a Data Quality Project, and how to build and improve your Knowledge Base through Domain Management and Knowledge Discovery.

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Presenter: Allan Hirt

Bio: Cluster MVP and SQLHA co-founder Allan Hirt is a consultant, published author, speaker, and trainer who has been using SQL Server since 1992. Allan travels all over the world to work with and train clients and presents at major conferences such as PASS Summit and TechEd. He is currently working on the book Mission Critical SQL Server 2012, the follow up to the popular Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering (Apress). You can read his blog and contact him at http://www.sqlha.com.

Presenter: Joseph Vertido

Bio: Joseph Vertido is a Data Quality Analyst at Melissa Data. He has worked with numerous clients in understanding their business needs for data quality, analyzing their architecture and environment, and recommending strategic solutions to successfully integrate data quality within their infrastructure. He gives frequent webinars on implementing different techniques for data quality and also manages the Melissa Data MVP program – a network that provides resources to Microsoft community leaders, speakers, consultants and other experts.