Know What Citizens Really Want on Your Websites

How many of your constituents do you reach with your organization's web presence? Are you getting the kind of engagement you want around the most important content?
In this free online training, participants will learn a variety of the newest and most powerful tools in Google Analytics for finding what's important in your analytics data.

Top 3 Tips for Measuring Reach:
- Understanding what "unique visitors" really means and getting the most out of this metric using custom reports.
- Finding the geographic spread of your visitors.
- Understanding the interrelation of your site with social networks, and the content that inspire conversations beyond your website.

Top 3 Tips for Measuring Engagement:
- Evaluating landing pages as a visitor's first impression.
- Using on-site search data to let your visitors tell you what they're looking for and whether they're finding it.
- Finding what mobile visitors are looking for and whether your site works for them.

This online training will explore your role as the analyst: giving context and meaning to data, picking out what’s important, and creating ways to communicate it to key stakeholders.
When: Thursday, January 10, 2013
Time: 2:00-3:00PM ET

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