Big Data: Why it matters to the midmarket
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Big data. The concept has been ubiquitous lately. It seems everyone has been talking about the use of big data to advance scientific research, perform complex number crunching, and predict presidential elections. There’s little doubt that the chatter around big data has reached a fever pitch.

But one place where big data hasn’t seemed to make much noise is among small and midsize companies. Perhaps it is widely assumed that big data, which imbues a sense of grandiosity, is only for those large enterprises with enormous amounts of data and the dedicated IT staff to tackle it. Smaller companies couldn’t be blamed for thinking that big data, as the name suggests, is only for the big boys.

In fact, big data – and the analytics that make sense of it – applies to companies of all sizes. Rebecca Shockley, Global Research Leader for Business Analytics at the IBM Institute for Business Value, is one of the authors of the 2012 report, “Analytics: The real world use of big data.” Shockley argues that one of the misconceptions of big data is that it refers only to massive quantities of data. She believes that the definition of big data depends on who is doing the talking.

Register today to learn how this technology can transform your organization. With the ability to capture, store and analyze larger quantities of data well within reach for midsize companies, big data is no longer just a curiosity for midsize firms, it’s an important new resource to be harnessed.


Rebecca Shockley

Global Research Leader for Analytics
IBM Institute for Business Value

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