Cloud Outlook 2013 with Chris Dotson

Event Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 01:00 PM EST

IBM Senior Architect Chris Dotson is not one to hide his opinions about cloud computing. A popular blogger, speaker and advocate for transformative change enabled by the cloud, Chris (@CRDotson) sees big disruptions coming as development and deployment increasingly go virtual.

As the industry prepares to turn the page on another year, Chris looks ahead at the trends that he believes will dominate the landscape in 2013. They include:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will mature with a greater focus on service level agreements. This development will draw more providers in the market and increased choice. We’ll buy services the same way we buy cars. We'll specify exactly what we need for mileage, cargo capacity and performance – and expect providers to deliver.

The year of Platform as a Service (PaaS). IaaS can be somewhat difficult to use, but PaaS promises to provide popular services without all the complexity and customization. Research indicates that PaaS is about to break out, and 2013 could be the year.

Get API-Happy. It's cool that people can provision their own services, but the real promise of cloud is realized when applications can do the same thing. The application program interface (API) directory has doubled in size in the last year, and there's plenty of growth still to come. Learn what to look for in the coming year.

Standards Mature. While many IaaS providers have settled on the Amazon APIs, there's very little standardization in the PaaS market. Expect to see a lot more standards activity in this area in 2013, which will translate into better and more flexible services.

That's just the beginning. Learn more about where the cloud market is headed in this provocative and interactive webcast. Come ready to ask your own questions as Chris looks into his crystal ball at Cloud Outlook 2013.


Chris Dotson is currently the Worldwide Infrastructure Architect for Infrastructure and Provisioning Requirements in the IBM CIO office. In this role, Chris is involved in many different cloud initiatives in IBM, with a specific focus on cloud security. Prior to that, Chris was the lead architect for the IBM CIO Dev/Test Cloud, an internal private cloud within IBM created in 2009 that provides infrastructure services to developers and testers. Chris currently holds twelve professional certifications, including the Open Group Master Certified IT Architect certification.

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