Control the Balance of Power:
The future of intelligent energy systems

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Constellation’s Load response programs are allowing industrial, commercial and institutional customers around the country to enjoy significant revenues and savings like never before. Those benefits can be used to offset their overall energy costs and serve as a source of funding for other energy-saving projects. The next step in the evolution of these markets is real time participation in demand response programs through software as a service.

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Meet VirtuWatt™. A unique combination of hardware and online applications that functions as an intuitive, user-friendly, easily accessible energy control platform.

Del Hilber, Constellation’s Executive Director, will share how you can use VirtuWatt™ online applications to track current energy usage, usage trends and current market values. Think of it also as your building remote control, giving you the ability to turn on and off equipment, adjust temperature set points and run on-site generation. What’s more, VirtuWatt™ maximizes the benefits of Automated Demand Response (ADR) and to optimize energy usage helps pinpoint demand reduction strategies at critical times. In addition to having the power of VirtuWatt™ available through your desktop and mobile device, your building automation system can now interface directly with VirtuWatt™, offering all of its functionality without the need for redundant hardware, providing true energy control.

Don Bray, Executive Director of Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s ‘Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone’ initiative (SEEDZ), will describe how high-tech industry energy customers, solutions providers, municipalities, institutions and utility interests are collaborating to build the power network of the future in Silicon Valley – characterized by the highest levels of power reliability, quality, affordability and sustainability. .

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Meet the Speakers:

Del A. Hilber, CEM
Executive Director

Mr. Hilber is the Executive Director of Technical Solutions for Constellation, an Exelon company, and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). In his role, Mr. Hilber manages Constellation’s load response product development, program management and technical solutions. Mr. Hilber is also the co-inventor and Chief Architect of the VirtuWatt energy management platform.

Mr. Hilber joined Constellation in 1998 and has served in various leadership and project roles at Constellation and its member companies. Prior to his current role, Mr. Hilber was Director of Information Technology at Constellation where he led the project and operations teams supporting the demand response and ESCO business, including the development of a state of the art online energy market participation and dashboarding platform for the business.
Don Bray
Executive Director
Smart Energy Enterprise Development
Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Don Bray currently serves as Executive Director for Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Smart Energy initiatives. Working with a broad coalition of business, governmental, institutions and utility stakeholders around a Silicon Valley-based ‘Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone’, he is focused on shared solutions for advanced power performance and sustainability.

Don brings an extensive background in business consulting, systems integration and clean technology to this role. In 2007, Don cofounded AltaTerra Research, a market research and consulting firm focused on clean technology solutions for the enterprise marketplace. At AltaTerra, Don has published a wide range authoritative market research on emerging business solutions for energy and resource efficiency, sustainability, and commercial-scale renewable energy. He has led numerous consulting engagements, with start-ups and corporate clients, focused on clean technology product strategy and positioning, market education, and market development. Also, he is a frequent presenter and moderator, and has produced over 30 online conferences featuring leading business practices in energy efficiency, renewables, and sustainability from top organizations around the world.

Prior to AltaTerra, Don was a Senior Executive and Managing Partner at Accenture, a prominent consulting and technology integration services company. Over 22 years with Accenture, Don was instrumental in building and leading Accenture’s high technology industry practice in Silicon Valley, architecting and delivering global-scale business transformation and technology integration programs.

Within the community, Don has helped define and launch the Bay Area Climate Collaborative, a region-wide public-private partnership addressing regional sustainability goals, and SolarTech, a solar industry consortium focused on streamlining permitting, financing, and installation practices. In his home town of Los Altos, California, he currently serves as chair of the city’s Environmental Commission.

Don earned his Masters in Engineering Management from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Davis.
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