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Education has become a global industry, unimpeded by the constraints of geographical borders, time zones, or currencies. However, with all the new opportunities that globalization has offered, there have also been increased challenges and risks.

International students and overseas research is an important part of your organization, but sending and receiving payments internationally can be an administrative burden and pose many challenges.

Register for this 45-minute webinar presented by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Western Union® Business Solutions and learn how your institution can capitalize on these opportunities, while also helping improve business processes and potentially protecting itself against unnecessary risk.

As your university globalizes, learn about how our exciting products and services can help take the hassle out of international payments.

Learning objectives:
  • An understanding of the current trends and projects for the globalization of higher education.
  • How to simplify the process for receiving international student payments.
  • A clear understanding of the benefits of a global payment network.
  • An overview of exotic currency trends, including Brazil, China, and India.
This webinar is sponsored by Western Union Business Solutions and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. All content presented during the event is provided by Western Union Business Solutions.

Mark Walston
Mark Walston is a veteran communications professional with a 20-year history of reporting on issues and trends shaping the landscape of higher education in America, from the birth of the smart classroom to the rise of the millennial student. He is the author of seven books and nearly 200 essays and articles exploring a broad range of social, cultural and technological topics. Former president and CEO of Concept Foundry, he has created award-winning integrated communications campaigns for universities and colleges across America -- and for Industry-leading corporations that serve higher education. Mark has moderated numerous webinars for The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Ben Kavalec, VP Commercial Sales-U.S., Western Union Business Solutions
Ben Kavalec is one of the country's foremost specialists on international services for educational institutions. As the head of Western Union Business Solutions' Education Sales Team, Ben works closely with institutions of all sizes, helping them to simplify and streamline their international receivables processes, and save them time and money.

Cath Cullen, Head of Education Solutions - EMEA, Western Union Business Solutions
Cath Cullen has been working as a Financial Services and Higher Education business development professional for over 12 years. As Head of Education Solutions for Western Union Business Solutions, Cath has spent the past five years guiding global education strategy and global education payments product development.

Nancy Majerek, CTP, Treasury Manager, University of Notre Dame
Nancy Majerek is a financial service professional with over 26 years of experience in the industry. For the past 14 years she has served as Treasury Manager for the University of Notre Dame, and is responsible for all university commercial banking relationships, and Treasury Management services provided to the university.

Eric Gillespie, Finance Operations Manager, St. Andrews University
A former banker at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Eric Gillespie has worked for the University of St Andrews for over 25 years. As Finance Operations Manager, Eric's primary role includes administering student fees, payments, and debt control. He aims for continual improvement, and to eventually become a cashless campus.

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