Exploring Olefin Polymerization Catalysts in the Freeslate PPR

The Freeslate Parallel Pressure Reactor (PPR) is a state-of-the-art high throughput platform for secondary catalyst screening originally conceived for the trial-and-error elaboration of 'hits' into 'leads'; this webinar demonstrates that it can also be used as a powerful generator of robust quantitative structure/properties relationships (QSAR) databases, as the starting point for the optimization of leads via 'black-box' and/or 'white-box' models. In the specific case of catalytic olefin polymerization, evidence will be given that the reaction kinetics in homogeneous as well as heterogeneous phase can be measured under industrially relevant conditions in the PPR mini-reactors with the precision and accuracy typical of conventional bench reactors and the side bonus of a roughly 100-fold saving on chemicals and time. Key for this application are the competent and careful implementation of proper reaction protocols (highly dependent on the individual case of interest) and a complete toolkit of fast - not necessarily on-line - analytical techniques for catalyst and polymer characterizations; two representative case histories will be discussed for illustration. The morale of the story is that whether high throughput experimentation (HTE) is an accelerator of serendipitous discovery or a way to fast learning and rational advances is entirely dependent on the users' strategy and capabilities and that all intermediate options are conceivable.
Speaker: Prof. Vincenzo Busico, Federico II University of Naples (Italy)
Tuesday, September 25
7:00 am PST San Francisco; 10:00 am EST Boston
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