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 Harnessing the Internet of Things: Will You Be Prepared?
Sometimes the thinking around Internet of Things is unclear, such as in the context of machine-to-machine (M2M) and mobile technology. This Webinar examines the trends, gives real-world examples already transforming business, and looks at how pace layering and advanced architectures can help you prepare your organization for the future.

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 The Future of UX: Responsive Design Meets Mobile Reality
Much is being written and predicted around multichannel user experiences (UX), driven by research by IDC and others that points to smart phones and tablets being used in tandem with an increasing array of everyday objects. Adaptability is key in handling this multichannel content consumption, driving interest in responsive design techniques.

This session looks at the opportunities and orchestration required to pull off multiscreen, multidevice strategies. The session will use examples such as SAP Fiori apps that show how to make user experiences intuitive, satisfying, and robust for your customers, partners, and employees.
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