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Clinical Validation of Cancer Biomarker Signatures using Array Technology

Event Date: September 12, 2012 12 noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. GMT, 5 p.m. UK

Sponsored by Affymetrix

The disruption of critical genes is a hallmark of cancer. Identification of these genes is a first step to understanding the disease, but once the genes have been identified, elucidating changes in their expression levels can aid in identifying biomarkers with the potential to predict disease progression and point to appropriate treatments. Approaches to determine the relevance of prospective gene expression signatures for the identification of important disease phenotypes will be discussed. Our webinar panelists, both cancer experts, will describe their research and how they have translated their own discoveries into validated gene expression signatures using arrays.

During the webinar, the speakers will:
  • Describe their experimental approaches to validating genetic signatures
  • Practicalities of clinical trials, such as sample size and availability considerations
  • Address the most critical factors when considering validating gene expression data
  • Answer your questions live on air!
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2. What obstacles are you encountering in performing your translational research? (check all that apply)*Obtaining sufficient quantity of RNA from FFPE sample
Ability to analyze more genes
Lack of available gene expression solutions for FFPE samples
High variability in FFPE gene expression results
Unable to validate research findings in clinical samples
Lack of available gene expression solutions for blood, saliva, or other clinical sample sources
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