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Mathematics-Based Modeling of a Series-Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012 at 10 A.M. U.S. EDT

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The automotive industry is in transformation. The complexity of the automobile has increased exponentially in the past decades and has triggered a design revolution that stresses detailed modeling and simulation steps prior to committing to metal and plastic. With new generation vehicles deploying hybrid (HEV), fully electric (EV), and fuel cell powerplants, the need for advanced physical modeling solutions is considerably greater due to increasing system complexity. This webcast covers new approaches to modeling and simulation for HEV and EV vehicle applications with emphasis on the development of high-fidelity physical models of automotive batteries. To speed up the design and prototyping processes of HEVs, a method that automatically generates mathematics equations governing the vehicle system response in an optimized symbolic form is desirable. To achieve this goal, the physical modeling tool MapleSim was employed to develop the multidomain model of a series-HEV, using the symbolic computing algorithms of the Maple software package to generate an optimized set of governing equations. The HEV model consists of a mean value internal-combustion engine, a Li-ion battery pack, and a multibody vehicle model. Simulations are then used to demonstrate the performance of the HEV system. Simulation results show that the model is viable and the number of governing equations is reduced significantly, resulting in a computationally efficient system. Webcast attendees will be invited to interact with the speakers during the program's live Q&A segment.

Industry Expert Participant:

Dr. John McPhee, Professor, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, and NSERC/Toyota/Maplesoft Industrial Research Chair, Mathematics-based Modeling and Design
Dr. John McPhee's main area of research is multibody system dynamics, with principal application to the analysis and design of vehicles, mechatronic devices, and biomechanical systems. He has won many awards, including a Premier's Research Excellence Award and the I.W. Smith Award from the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers. He completed his term in 2009 as the Executive Director of the Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research, spending a sabbatical year at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Dr. Sam Dao, Application Engineer, Maplesoft
Dr. Sam Dao received his Ph.D. degree in mechatronics from the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is currently an Application Engineer at Maplesoft. He has been involved in many research projects including multiple robot networking, hybrid electric vehicle modeling, and battery modeling.


Lisa Arrigo
SAE International, Custom Electronic Products Editor, representing Automotive Engineering International magazine
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