Mobile Voice: The Next Mobile Frontier

This webinar was originally broadcast on:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 01:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT

Mobile apps have exploded in popularity with over 1 Billion apps being downloaded monthly from the App Store. Now, more and more companies use mobile apps as a new touch point with their customers. And, thanks to Siri, the next frontier in mobile apps is mobile voice. This new functionality affords users the ability to utilize apps in additional settings – driving in the car for instance. Or, voice functionality simplifies a user’s task – instead of going through a long set of menu options or struggling to key information, a user can simply say what they are looking for and the app automatically produces the appropriate information.

Why would companies want to utilize this new technology? The customer experience (CX) is vastly improved, and when customers are happy companies are even happier. See a demo of how this could work thanks to Angel’s newest product, Lexee. Just developed and released in beta, Lexee is a solution allowing brands to voice-enable their mobile app. Come witness the power of voice by seeing Lexee for Salesforce, and imagine what you could do with a voice assistant for your company.

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn why you need to add mobile to your CX strategy
  • Identify scenarios where voice provides a better customer experience
  • Discover why every organization will need a voice assistant to best serve customer needs
  • See a demo of Lexee for Salesforce to understand how a voice assistant could benefit your company

Target Audience:
  • Customer Experience Professionals who manage their customer interactions strategy
  • Marketing professionals that are on the forefront of mobile CX trends
  • IT and operations stakeholders interested in learning about next generation technologies that will directly impact your business’ IT objectives


Kelly Weinhold
Product Strategist


Stefania Viscusi

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