Best Practices in Implementing Hygienic Plastic Pallets in Food Plants
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Cleanliness and hygiene are critical to today’s food plants. Learn how plastic pallets can be a hygienic solution for handling, storing and moving product throughout the supply chain, from the processing plant to retail distribution.

We will take a look at the important characteristics of hygienic pallets and how they can support your sanitation and food safety efforts. From pallet material to design to daily usage in your facility, you will learn how hygienic plastic pallets can support your sanitation and food safety efforts.

Attend this webinar to learn what the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) will mean for your current pallet fleet, the newest food industry trends and how plastic pallets can support your supply chain and logistics goals, while driving cleanliness in your plan.

Presented by:
Curt Most, ORBIS Corporation Global Account Manager - Plastic Pallets
With his experience working with major food companies on their reusable pallet programs, Curt Most understands the food supply chain and the current trends facing food companies. He has collaborated with major food, grocery, consumer goods and industrial companies to implement plastic pallet programs that reduce per-trip costs, decrease product damage and improve cleanliness. He works closely with companies to analyze their entire supply chain, recommend a solution, complete a pilot program, train their staff and fully implement plastic pallets in their system.
Lara Sowinski, Editor-in-Chief, Food Logistics
Lara L. Sowinski is editor-in-chief for Food Logistics. She has been a professional journalist and editor for the past 13 years, during which time she has written primarily on the topics of globalization and foreign trade, covering the business and commercial aspects as well as the social and cultural implications. Last year, Sowinski was the first recipient of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association’s 2011 Russell Award for Editorial Excellence, which recognizes editorial excellence for journalistic coverage of the transportation and logistics industry.

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