Deliver Video-on-Demand for Patient and Practitioner Education
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The use of video in healthcare continues to play an increasingly important role when it comes to the care of patients, the ease of medical administration and record-keeping, and the general education of all parties involved. Having the ability to make these videos accessible is critical, whether for use by a medical team, a patient’s record, or for future learning – this knowledge transfer will save time, lives and money. Attend this webinar and hear from video content management solutions experts Jen Barry and Cara Daly, when they share how to deliver solutions for viewing video recordings from anywhere - computer, conference room, outside the office, on laptops, tables and smartphones. And hear Phil Wolford of Saint Vincent Health System share how they are using video content management solutions to help teams of doctors collaborate remotely on grand rounds, exchanging observations, recommendations and patient information to improve and accelerate patient care.


Philip Wolford
Telemedicine Coordinator – Saint Vincent Health System and Regional Telemedicine Network

Philip is the telemedicine coordinator for both the Saint Vincent Health System and the Regional Telemedicine Network, a non-profit organization in Western Pennsylvania that facilitates collaboration between healthcare professionals and provides a communications infrastructure that eliminates geographic barriers to treatment by linking community healthcare centers. Philip is responsible for evaluating and deploying telemedicine technologies, and implementing and managing numerous telemedicine programs. He currently oversees cardiac, oncology, stroke and bariatric telemedicine programs. He also manages a multidisciplinary program that brings together teams of doctors to collaborate remotely on grand rounds -- exchanging observations, recommendations, and patient information to improve and accelerate patient care.

Philip is currently developing a telemedicine program that will enable nurses to use iPads to communicate with doctors while the nurses are treating patients.

Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries
Director, Global Healthcare Marketing

Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries is the Director of Healthcare for Polycom. Dr. Jeffries utilizes her 25 years in telemedicine, information systems, medicine, patient care, education and physics to understand the needs of Polycom’s customers, and assist the Polycom team in their efforts to deliver the best total solutions.

Prior to joining Polycom, Dr. Jeffries was with a company that provided telemedicine medical peripherals for 6 years, where she served as Director of Sales for US and Canada, and was responsible for company industry marketing. During this time she worked directly with customers across the United States and Canada and assisted in configuring diagnostic equipment for telemedicine programs.

Dr. Jeffries has taught Pathophysiology and Hematology at Merrimack College. She enjoyed her time as teaching assistant at U.C.L.A. and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where she was a teaching assistant for X-ray, physiology, and pathology. She has also worked as an IT consultant for a multibillion dollar company, and began her career as an aerospace engineer.

Jen Barry
Video Solutions Specialist, Polycom

Jen Barry is responsible for product marketing for the Polycom RealPresence Capture Station and Polycom RSS 4000 under the Polycom Video Content Management solutions. Prior to joining Polycom in 2011, she spent two years as the Marketing Manager at Accordent Technologies. Prior to joining Accordent, Barry spent 5 years in various account management roles at a Los Angeles based marketing agency working with clients on marketing and advertising strategies.

Cara Daly
Product Marketing Manager, Polycom

Cara Daly is responsible for Product Marketing for the Polycom RealPresence Media Manager solution for video content management. Prior to joining Polycom in 2011, Daly spent seven years at Hewlett-Packard, most recently in HP’s Halo Telepresence business. Her roles for HP Halo included Global Channel Development Manager, Product Solutions and Services Go-to-Market Manager, and Pre-Sales Consultant. Previously, she worked as a Pre-Sales Consultant for the HP Indigo Digital Press division of HP's Graphic Arts business. Prior to joining HP, Daly was a sales executive for ITV-Carlton Television in the UK, while she lived in London for 2 years.