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Achieving First-Contact Resolution and Quantifying Its Top Line Payoff

Date: August 16, 2012
Time: 10 AM Pacific time / 1 PM Eastern time

Sponsored by: SAP

First contact resolution (FCR) has been a goal for many years, but call center executives have been impeded in achieving optimal results by at least three barriers:

1. Focusing on script adherence vs. assuring staff have needed tools and expertise
2. Inability to get the resources to provide the necessary tools and support
3. Failing to collect the needed data to diagnose why FCR is not achieved

In this informative webinar, ICMI will provide you with a new approach to FCR that will both challenge conventional wisdom and provide you with new approaches for analyzing contact handling, allocating quality resources and increasing the impact of your Voice of the Customer (VOC) process.

This presentation will also demonstrate that contact centers with strong Voice of the Customer processes provide measurable, quantifiable benefits to many other departments, from marketing (word of mouth) and finance (better margins) to risk (lower liability costs) and HR (lower voluntary turnover in retail and other customer contact units). Each tangible benefit will be outlines with case study examples from industries including financial services, pharmaceutical, CPG, industrial, travel and governmental environments. Further, an effective VOC will pinpoint the types of information agents need to effectively answer the more difficult calls.

Join us and you will learn:
  • How to shift attention from script adherence to broken processes and response rules
  • To get the resources you need by quantifying the revenue, margin and word of mouth impact of investments in improved FCR and VOC, including a valuable checklist of actions that will help move your FCR to the next level
  • To enhance the impact of your satisfaction surveys while potentially reducing their total number

John Goodman
Vice Chairman, TARP

Tony Fassette
Vice President, SAP Business Communications

Sponsored by: