Apache Design Low Power Seminar: RedHawk-3DX: Fourth Generation Power Sign-off Solution Architected for 3D-IC Designs

July 26, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM PDT

Low-power ICs are becoming increasingly complex, often surpassing Moore's Law to maintain expanded functionality and performance needs. To achieve higher integration and bandwidth, designers are turning to stacked-die or 3D-IC structures. These designs also leverage ultra-low sub-1V supply voltage levels, as well as use on-chip voltage regulators (LDO) to meet power budget and performance goals. This presentation focuses on Apache's latest generation of the RedHawk platform - RedHawk-3DX - with direct support for multi-die simulation, including a brand new multi-pane, multi-canvas graphical user interface, its hierarchical dynamic simulation capabilities, new logic and activity propagation engines, and the ability to model and simulate LDOs. RedHawk-3DX will help enable the next generation of 3GHz+ ICs designed using billions of gates in complex 3D/2.5D architectures.

Products Covered: RedHawk


Karan Sahni

Senior Application Engineer

Karan Sahni is a Senior Applications Engineer at Apache Design, Inc., a subsidiary of ANSYS. He joined Apache in 2008, and is responsible for supporting the company’s RedHawk, Totem and Sentinel product lines. Sahni received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, New York.

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