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As organizations mature in their experience and understanding in what business intelligence (BI) can deliver, there is a need to extend the value of BI to other areas of a business. BI is no longer just for use by executives and finance professionals. It is increasingly becoming more pervasive in sales, operations, and other field organizations. The challenge created for IT BI organizations is to keep up with the rapid demand of these new business users – those who may not be familiar with BI or analysis. Consequently, these new users are creating the need for a revolutionary BI user experience – one that is radically simpler and visually more engaging that enables them to access this information themselves.

This highly interactive session addresses the challenges companies like yours are facing. Find out more about SAP’s vision is to help companies face this new BI reality. In this session, you will learn about the solutions offered today to meet these new users’ needs and what is on the horizon.

Featured Speaker

Manikandan Srinivasan, Senior Solution Manager for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and ‘S’AP Visual Intelligence

Manikandan Srinivasan is a senior solution manager for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and SAP Visual Intelligence software. He brings a good balance of business understanding and 12 years of product expertise in SAP BusinessObjects solutions. Based in Palo Alto, Manikandan works on the issues facing the casual user market, and his responsibilities include building overall strategy, ramping up customers to production, skillfully resolving their technical issues, ensuring the quality of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and answering strategic questions related to the product features, versions, and road map.