Five Ways to Secure a Real-Time Distributed System Without Compromising Performance

On demand: Air Live June 26, 2012

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The typical method of securing data-in-motion is to establish a secure channel between two nodes. For example, TCP/TLS can be used to both authenticate each node and encrypt the data in transit. But, what if you have a complex distributed system with low latency requirements? What if you are multicasting data from a sensor to multiple recipients? The added latency of running the data through a single secure channel can devastate performance. Is the only option to abandon any attempts at security?

Attend this webinar to learn the 5 things that you can do to improve security without compromising real-time performance. Strategies include securing UDP rather than TCP channels, selective encryption of data, using a secure platform, passive monitoring, and creating a secure channel between real-time unsecured local networks. The webinar will explain use case and approach for each of the 5 methods. Each can be realized using the RTI Connext™ communication products to build a secure high performance distributed system.

Dr. Heidi Schubert
Director of Research, RTI

John McHale
Editorial Director
Military Embedded Systems, OpenSystems Media