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Webcast Information

For wholesale distributors, effective chargeback management can make the difference between positive and negative operating income. However, chargeback programs have become increasingly complex and the volume of transactions can overwhelm manual procedures that rely on spreadsheets and calculators.

Recouping chargebacks can be a major headache for distributors. Automating the process can positively impact cash flow and working capital. Join us on June 21 to hear how wholesale distributors can leverage functionality that makes the ordering process easier for their customers.

In this Webinar, please join Avnet, one of the largest distributors of electronic components, and other industry-leading practitioners as they discuss the challenges distributors face with creating and managing a variety of pricing agreements with distributors and customers. You’ll learn how distributors can streamline and automate the processing of claims and rebates.

During this live Webinar, you will learn:
  • How to buy better by taking advantage of every possible supplier discount
  • How to tightly manage collection rebates and chargebacks from suppliers
  • How to operate more efficiently by replacing low-value activities with ones that provide greater business benefit
  • How to reduce manual processing, speed up claims-turnaround time, and improve cash flow
  • How Avnet implemented an integrated solution for managing its customer and supplier transactions

Featured Speakers

Sue Kotnik, VP Business Transformation, Avnet Technology Solutions

Mike Wise, Industry Principal, Wholesale Distribution Industry, SAP America, Inc.

Dan Scheunemann, Account Executive, Vistex, Inc.