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Caller Bill of Rights - Best Practices That Put Your Callers First
Best Practices That Put Your Callers First

This webinar was originally broadcast on:
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 01:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT

Anyone who has used an IVR understands the common frustrations: listening to never ending menu options, having to repeat information multiple times within the application, and not having the option to reach a person when needed. It seems that well-developed, intuitive, user-friendly IVR systems may be the exception rather than the norm.

The reason? Traditionally, organizations employing IVRs and other voice applications have been forced to balance between managing business costs and driving customer satisfaction. So, how can you delight callers with world-class customer service while, at the same time leveraging the business benefits of voice automation?

Join Angel to learn more about the Caller Bill of Rights and how to put your callers first. This is not a hard and fast list of “VUI design standards,” but rather a list of what should become “caller expectations” from a well-designed IVR application.
  • Insights on how to create a world-class customer focused voice solution
  • Top 10 list of “caller rights” for a well-designed IVR application
  • Best practice examples that Angel.com has used with its customers
Who should attend:
  • Call Center professionals looking to implement new IVR applications
  • Business executives looking to assess the effectiveness of their current automation
  • And, VUI designers who create IVR applications


Mike Ahnemann
Creative Director, User Experience

Mike Ahnemann, Creative Director, User Experience at Angel, has been designing speech recognition applications for more than a decade. He has worked on some of the largest speech deployments in the industry for customers in banking, telecommunications, travel, health care, and even in-car telematics. Mike is focused on creating the best possible caller experience for every Angel application, in order to deliver solutions that will delight callers while addressing the business needs of our customers. Working in a hosted speech environment, Mike constantly looks for ways to take advantage of the fast time to market, low entry cost, and always evolving technology to design unique solutions that solve real-world problems.


Stefania Viscusi

Stefania Viscusi is an established writer and avid reader. She is a 2005 graduate of Albertus Magnus College, Magna Cum Laude. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in Communications. Stefania has had four of her poems published by “Breakwater” (an Albertus-run literary magazine) and completed a successful internship with the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation as a Public Relations Specialist.

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