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The world is changing fast, and IT is both driving that change and reacting to it. IT managers face operational challenges that are driven by the high rate of technology changes. Faced with these challenges, how do you keep on top of your infrastructure documentation?

With virtualization, the cloud, mobility, and new solution management platforms, we have the tools to go beyond tweaking and optimization. Yet IT groups often find themselves executing on infrastructure decisions made by a business division instead of proposing infrastructure optimization with business gains in mind. Within this reactionary role, your IT infrastructure is most likely not aligned with your IT investments and business priorities. Furthermore, this situation is likely to increase system heterogeneity along with operating costs and the risk of system failures.

To help you, SAP® IT Infrastructure Management software gives you transparency into the current state of your asset base, its health status, and its usage in the context of business applications and technical scenarios. With this information, your CIO can finally plan infrastructure adjustments that accommodate business-volume growth and also align with cost-saving measures (landscape harmonization, supplier rationalization, and so on) and service improvement strategies (availability and performance improvements).

SAP IT Infrastructure Management contributes to operational and service excellence by giving you transparency into you infrastructure asset base, with its related functions, interdependencies, usages, and availability. It helps your IT department document the value of IT and reduce service and operating costs to a minimum.

  • Safeguard business continuity and enhance compliance
  • Optimize costs for leasing, purchasing, re-usage, and depreciation
  • Match problems of a device with financial value of device
  • Make the best decisions regarding “outsourcing vs. insourcing”
To learn how SAP IT Infrastructure Management can help you automate previously labour-intensive checks, obtain full transparency to enable proactive and informed decisions, and align IT with business needs and business priorities, please join us for this 60-minute Webcast.

Featured Speaker

Benjamin Alloul, EMEA ALM Presales, SAP