Realtime Heterogeneous MySQL Replication using Oracle GoldenGate
Event Date: 04/26/2012 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Oracle GoldenGate 11g is a high-performance software application for real-time transactional change data capture, transformation, and delivery, offering log-based bidirectional data replication. The application enables you to ensure that your critical systems are operational 24/7, and the associated data is distributed across the enterprise to optimize decision-making. Join this webinar to learn how Oracle GoldenGate 11g with MySQL enables you to capture and deliver real-time change data to Big Data platforms, data warehouses, operational data stores, reporting systems, and other online transaction processing (OLTP) databases with minimal performance impact. We will cover:

1. Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate

2. Technology Overview
    a. Component Architecture
    b. Performance & Scalability
    c. Transaction Integrity & Reliability
    d. Heterogeneity
3. Oracle GoldenGate integration with MySQL

4. Supported features

5. Use cases, including Harnessing Big Data with MySQL and GoldenGate

6. Future directions

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