Molecular Imaging with MALDI Mass Spectrometry
Imaging Mass spectrometry (IMS) is a unique analysis tool that can detect and map the distribution of molecular species from a surface without the use of tags or labels. In recent years, IMS has experienced strong growth in pharmaceutical and clinical research because its label-free nature allows the mapping of hundreds of compounds from a tissue section in a single measurement. One factor driving the growth of IMS applications (presently >200 publications/year) has been the commercialization of instrumentation and software that builds upon the work of early IMS innovators to move the technology beyond traditional mass spectrometry labs and into clinical, pathology and DMPK labs. Published IMS studies span a wide range of analytes, from drug/metabolites/pesticides to lipids to carbohydrates to peptides and large proteins from a wide variety of clinical, animal-model and plant samples.

In less than ten years Bruker Daltonics has become the market leader for IMS, providing instrumentation and software tools for all aspects of the IMS workflow. By its very nature, any MALDI system can be configured to produce ion images. However, by working closely with our collaboration partners we have learned that the mass spectrometer is only one component needed in an effective IMS workflow that can translate image data into knowledge. Other components that are equally critical, if not more so, are experimental design of sample cohorts as well as data analysis tools. In this seminar we will highlight some of these challenges and present tools which can yield greater information from tissue imaging data.


Laura Bush

Editorial Director
LCGC North America


Shannon Cornett

Product Specialist
Bruker Daltonics

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