Extracting Maximum Performance from Multicore Processors

February 15, 2012 02:00 PM EST

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QNX Software Systems, Freescale Semiconductor and Arrow Electronics invite you to join us on February 15th for a web seminar where you will learn how to maximize Multicore performance.

Running software on a multicore processor is, in many cases, fairly easy. The real challenge is getting the software to make full use of all the processor’s cores.

In this webinar, QNX and Freescale will discuss threading models for creating multiple concurrent tasks and parallel processing on multicore chips. We’ll also explore design patterns for increasing parallelism (worker threads, peer threads, etc.) as well as techniques to optimize cache usage. A worked example will be presented showing developers how to use advanced multicore-aware tools to identify opportunities for parallelism and performance optimization. Screen shots retargeting software from a single- to quad-core device (QorIQ P4040 processor) will be included.

Attend the live webinar and you will be entered for a chance to win a QorIQ P2020RDB-PCA reference design board through Arrow Electronics. Attendees will also have an opportunity to see a demonstration on the QNX QorIQ P2020 Multicore Starter Kit. Your local Arrow FAE will demo the QorIQ P2020 Multicore Starter Kit showing the benefits of multicore on the QNX platform.

Jeff Logan - Business Development Manager with Freescale Semiconductor
Jeff Schaffer - Senior Applications Engineer with QNX Software Systems

Curt Schwaderer- Technology Editor at OpenSystems Media